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wonderment of her delivery, and her insensibility to the pains of it."

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should be given in large doses and continuously for a long period, and only

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men able to prize his cultivated mind, his elevated principles, his

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microscope proved to be in the suspended stage. Thus the iodotuberculin which

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pressure is diminished and the velocity increased, whereas imme-

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* Special Committee of the Select and Common Councils of the City

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of the patient in the first stage shows that the bacilli in the sputum

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trophy of the thyroid gland when insufficiency of the parathyroid

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20. No reaction occurred. The second injection of 8 mg. was given on May 29.

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toms with either hemiplegia or paraplegia, taken in connection with the

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Differential Diagnosis. — Cerebral hypersemia may be mistaken for apo-

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12 Danchakoff, V.,Untersuchungen liber die Entwicklung von Blut- und Binde-

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sputum correspond to Gaffky's No. II. The second injection of 16 mg., the

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Thus the fact established by Forssman becomes particularly salient

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mean velocity of the wind per hour increased from 2*8 to 4'8.

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canal, the fluid injected, and firm pressure made for a

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sioii. If this project is made a law in the District of

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to be kept applied to absorb the exudation; though scratching relieved

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hair brown, and her countenance open and intelligent. On exami-

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may lead to necrosis. When the sinuses are involved in pachymeningitis

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liarities. Most of the cells present in the blood stream have lost

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had been expelled, and the shoulder and right arm of the other were

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Treatment. — Moral treatment is far more efficacious than medicines.

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creas in order to determine whether there was any interdependence

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rive at any thing approaching an accurate calculation.

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coexist, it is called mixed hydrocephalus. Chronic hydrocephalus may be

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I>r, I>, S, Clark {American Druggist) says the fol-

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Prognosis. — The prognosis in chronic malarial infection depends upon

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elaborately dealt with the diet of old age, diet of brain workers,

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incident to the recent illness of his wife, who had been removed but

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typhoid, but of course, at that time, the possibilities of chronic cholecystitis in

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symptoms of asphyxia are by no means so well marked as in the

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sis is uncertain. In very rapid cases hemorrhage and diarrhcea will be ex-

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anat. Ges., Anat. Anz., 1908, xxxii, Suppl., 72; Ueber die Entwicklung

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J. H. White, M.D., '96, Univ. of Virginia, of New York

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the atmosphere, and thus produce a far greater amount of benefit,

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to-day makes tributary every branch of human knowl-

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