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In all these cases there is a peculiar stiffness of the neck

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groove on the dorsal aspect of the three jointed labium la.

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going on in the liall. Meantime some of tlie paupers

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as any argument however it is only the small minds among

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people on to explore how and why other people think the

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Speaking generally the nearer the equator the worse are the cases

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cells break down and undergo changes which have been fully described

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great circumspection when it lies in the walls of an

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and freely but I think their value is overestimated.

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compressed until its normal contractility has been overcome by

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the literature from lime to time. Thayer J has recently

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bers than the Lceffler bacillus which are points most valuable

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young girl a medium underweight trained nurse who had

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deserved charges of cruelty and inhumanity. According to the prin

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tion teaching force standards of scholarship equipment esprit de

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Hay em s warning not to be deceived from the examination of fresh

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of previous plans and he has often disregarded sugges

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all constriction. If there is displacement towards the interosseous space a

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The presence of the ahove descrihei depression ani eleva

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occupied both inguinal regions extended into the thighs the

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cal force is too great an absurdity to require to be more than

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were transmitted to this part. The lungs were free from tubercle the right

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physiologist in the world knows at this moment that it is

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as to give good reason for the belief that this procedure pre

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thew M. Smith of Austin Transverse Myelitis with Case by Dr.

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My purpose is very briefly and very heartily to bid you

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disagreeable results but in very few if any with serious ones. Xo

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Yet the recent discoveries in infantile diatetics as brought out below

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He called on me complaining of headache sore throat a stiff

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membranes. Somecasesof locomotor ataxia from the thoracic cavity pneumonia pleu

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and again but out of respect and in good taste and foresight

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generally been found when looked for. The heart may

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