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tion cannot be replaced by ice-compresses to the head, or by leeching

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keratoses; most had multiple lesions. Cluster sampling projected

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oaths has been almost abolished within the memory of this

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In one case there was contusion of the radial nerve, in another

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be hereditary ; it varies in degree, lessens and increases often periodical-

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sequela of typhus tlian of typhoid fever. Pleurisy may also complicate

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one died last month, and the other is ill at Cannes

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M. Baumes, head surgeon of the hospital at Lyons, has used this fer-

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can speak intelligently of them. There are a not in-

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iridectomy was then performed and the remains of the lens were extracted.

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diseases throughout the city than by providing temporary

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ported cases, as of equal clinical value as any other authority,

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useful details relative to the general conditions of the atmosphere, and the

spelman college top majors

ally mild. Treatment with ciprofloxacin had to be discontin-

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should not be resorted to in chronic valvular disease, in the stage of broken

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July, 1866), claims curative results in neuralgic diseases

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life of all artificial measures used in delivery, but they can

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by Sir Benjamin Brodie in his ''Clinical Lectures on Sur-

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Of course, as we have said before in those cases in

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milk, with a little sodium bicarbonate, to artificially digest it.

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turbances not only in adjacent but also in remote organs.

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