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careful microscopical examination revealed no evidence whatever of

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differentiate an affection from both eclampsia and the epilepsy and

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surgeon. Captain Raymond on being thus relieved is ordered to

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He reported much improvement. For a week he bad only

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ensued as was shown by the almost stony hardness which the

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A great difficulty with which the farmers have to deal is the rearing

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research to fellow students and faculty during the summer at the Student Research

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Likeness in features may naturally be supposed to pass on

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examination. The surgeon general is selected by the President from

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months glycosuria was found on ten successive analyses during the

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and the consequent fall of pressure. But not by these only for

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the pulsations of he heart were both feeble and irregular. I waited on

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is a mucous membrane very richly sup licd with ves

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I urged seventeen years ago finally receive such a wide endorse

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are almost long enough to be still considered eternal.

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out bills always a cause of dissatisfaction unnecessary

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cally but we find that such movements long continued of

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tudinal reaction reversal or equalisation of the polar

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symptoms are seen earlier and hence offer a better prog

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blind faith in its efficacy as a speci c for humpback the

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III. The complications which have been observed in the course of

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Staining Reactions. Many methods have been described. It is usual to make

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which may be distinguished by the existence of painful

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sists in a simple sliding forward of the condyle to the anterior

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army and navy. Amongst the civil population it is probably

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sibly in eeitain cases the use of adrenalin may be found to

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description was itself singularly like that of epilepsy for as I have more

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ing the stage of pyrexia. If we can tide them over until defervescence

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During the next four weeks he received faradic treat

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ical properties. Metallic iron and ferric oxydule must be regarded as irritat

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