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Oberkiefers. N. Yorker med. Monatschr., 1899, xi, 346.—

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quaintance, or in whose families you practice (who have

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put under the influence of chloroform ; and pushing up the cord into

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tinge. This valuable substance no sooner leaves the

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great, and of the thirty-four instances of peritoneal

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present time, therefore, the indications are to be drawn from particular

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development of grave symptoms, based on an analysis of 118 cases : 24 hours

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of pulmonary abscess is not to be denied, yet we believe that

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Pentland, Ferguson, Mills, and Moriarty, contributed, as

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To convert the degrees of Centigrade into those of Fahren-

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the eyes ; the pigment thus set free interferes with a

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A. M., and therefore employed Belladonna 3 in solution, a dose

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urt* «>f till- livor unil friicttuv «)f thrt-c rilis ; in \w tliird, nipliiri- of ilic

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distinguished by their fibrous envelope from tuberculous nodules,

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will equal their scientific interest. Animal and vegetable toxins

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in six or eight hours, if necessary. Put the patient to bed, give a

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