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however, to deal rather with the clinical aspect of the

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The late Dr. Austin Flint used to assert that pulmonary

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prajcordiaO and clavicle, but I agree with Loomis| and others^

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as well as the civilian duties of the service which include

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determine their usefulness or harmfulness to society and to

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are therefore of imperfect applicability. It is of real service to

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As (or the leucocytes, Weber and Bauer maintain that

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previa, in which dilatation and emptying of the uterus

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be a marked insufficiency in the carbohydrate metabolism, so that

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first, and I see no reason for doubting that the germs of

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by shiverings or decided rigors, nausea, pain in the head and back,

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tebrata), but to stimulate the organism to coordinate

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has hoard a precocious little boy say during this j^rodromal period, " I

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should be discouraged, as it tends to spread the disease and also

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Hot fomentations to be applied to the feet and lower part of the leg, which failing to

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down into the euti.i. The warty growth begins in the prickle-cell laver,

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the normal function of the bladder was gradually re-

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either intubation or tracheotomy are to be looked upon

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quickly as possible seems fairly defined, and as the oxygen in

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1. We have, I hope, though I don't know where to obtain it, virus

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of the glands was of the size of a large shell-bark, the other somewhat

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mementos of the periods of the world in which they issue, and as marks

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in this patient. (Fig. 4.) Schwensen mentions that Lewis and

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cury in the urine ; which proved in a manner absolutely

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special in certain cases ; and the exposure to risk by

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but positive proof of this is at present lacking. Extensive stati^itical

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epidemic studied by Mannkopff (1866) he found that blood obtained by

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