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cotism. Hence it is that musk proves such a valuable stimulant

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made both in the diagnosis and the treatment of diseases of

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of the pulmonary tissue sufficiently intense to cause a

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gether incorrect expression cellular tissue as applied

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with a view to both physical and mental relief. He questioned whether

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Michotte Albert Edouard Baron Miehotte van den Berdc.

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Following this history we arrive at present status which in

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whose phenomena are truly fictitious. They cannot be induced even by

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spinal surgery in the surgery of the chest a description of Schede s

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pain was therefore probably due to the presence of the calc formations

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acoustic nerve begin with tinnitus and alteration or even

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mucus but no meconium could be found in any part of the

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septicsemia and pyohiemia. As to myself I believe that the

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Henry J. Garrigues again in charge. In the fulness of maturity

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the rule regular astigmatism it is characterised by the

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these defects sensory aphasia and divided this into the

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patients and staff alike. The patients generally are aware

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Physicians are in accord with the educative methods adopted by the Board

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take any necessary action in these mailers. Whoever

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employed while ten drop doses of the. Terebinthin in form

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the face is rarely affected the scalp hardly ever the nails never.

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In some cases of uterine disease the vagina or the vulva is in

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the cardiac end of the stomach the pain of an ulcer

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was also obtained which did not grow in subcultures.

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to the young stock and the calves reared with the same precautions

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minute quantity of the X substance which suffices for growth in the

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forehead on the left side directly backwards. On examination

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