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His first report of abdominal work was made before the
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1S7. Spastic spinal paralysis. Impulsive laughing ....... 395
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much faith in homoeopathic treatment, begged me to defer all
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ance in the red blood cells of fine granules which stain deeply with basic dyes.
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cured, 127 ; died, 157 ; brought in moribund, 31 ; remaining, 69.
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The evening was a delightful one, and the testimonials a worthy expression of the
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the Professor of Gyniecology in the Chicago Polyclinic,
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the patient, for such cases are most often met with among the poorer classes.
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disappeared ; the fundus begins to clear up; the optic disk, which
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the peripheral zone of the hepatic lobules, but it also occurs in the kidneys,
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of the whole subject, and one as brief as possible.
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anatomical neck. The tuberosities are superadded parts
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were present and fought with William the Conqueror in
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restricted a sense." In accordance with the broad significance
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men about forty years of age, who have been good livers, and
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Illinois, to prosecute the profession of his choice, and
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a third of these wounded have already succumbed on the
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scrupulous about the appearance of their dwellings. Would
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He then entered the office of Dr. John Favill, of the same
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assured defence in (simulated) intoxication and a lawyer conver-
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Sept. 28. — No change. Made a careful examination per vagi-
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in good sanitary quarters, and provided the wounded men
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allotted to medical properties and uses is well calculated, how-
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diastole, the cavities fully distended, as before described. The
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How the selection is to be made is, then, a very important prob-
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ation for Ihe Cure of Varicose Veins," "A New Opera-
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ease germs in the excreta of patients with cholera, typhoid fever,
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contributions to professional journals and periodicals. He was mar-
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the spinal column ; and still less is there any of that distinctly

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