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“Moorhens swim into the rushes, Proud swan with her cygnets passes, Blackbirds singing in the bushes, Down by the old canal”

Whilst browsing Dribbble the other day I came across a post by Olly Sorsby called Canal Branding Playoff. Olly has taken on the task to put together a community canals project to brand each canal in England with a logo. I got really excited about this project. Anyone who knows me knows how excitable I get about the smallest things so this was REALLY exciting! I went ahead and checked out the list of canals here.

I had a look through the list and at first none of the canals from England caught my eye or had any relation to where I live which deflated me slightly. So I decided I would be a tad rebellious and chose one from near my home in Wales, the Kidwelly & Llanelly (Llanelli) Canal. For this one, the most interesting thing for me was the ampersand. (I have a slight thing for ampersands and the way they are formed and the way they flow!) I did a bit of research on boating knots and saw that there was one quite similar to the way an ampersand is formed so I began sketching some ideas out and I came up with what you see below. I’m really pleased with the way the ampersand turned out. The typeface I used is called Pacifico and flows nicely with the curves of the ampersand.

After completing the Kidwelly & Llanelly logo I decided I would have to contribute a logo for one of the England canals. My first choice was The Stroudwater Navigation, the Nutshell Bridge on the canal has a really interesting building attached to it which could have worked well illustrated. I tried countless times to get it to work in a way I had visualised in my mind but it just wasn’t quite right and I would never have been happy with it. I went back to the list and saw at the bottom there was a list of Abandoned or unnavigable canals in England. These poor lonely canals abandoned and at the bottom of the list! I found one I instantly liked the sound of and it’s location in relation to where I live now meant it had a bit more meaning for me.

I chose the Coombe Hill Canal for my second rebound to this project. This canal is now sadly unnavigable and has quite a sad history behind it. The picture I used is of the Coombe Hill Canal when it was frozen over, which is quite fitting to reflect it’s history and sad story. I decided that for this one I would add a graphic of a canal boat and some waves, waves which no longer exist, a tribute to the times gone by. The typeface used for this one is Silverfake. I chose Silverflake for the way the crossbar of the A’s look like waves.

Credits for the images I used:
Kymer’s Dock at Kidwelly (Anthony Gostling) / CC BY-SA 2.0
Coombe Hill Canal (Jonathan Billinger) / CC BY-SA 2.0

Amber x

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