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work in these various conditions met with clinically in the
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weak the deformed and the sick. And what security have
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liver. Clinically this type differs slightly from Laennec s cirrhosis. The
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muco purulent discharge from the sheath. Finally the vesicular
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beginning given setting up exercises every day. Later a line officer
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the problem and the various plans which have from time
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Dr. Wm. Dougherty of Baltimore sailed for Europe the
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tigation. The brilliant result attained by Neisser in the discovery
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with those which have come under my notice. Whether there may be any
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examination could be made on account of the pecuUar state of
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tained for three months if I remember rightly and which he
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histologj which could be read in a textbook was naturally a
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other side convulsively. The lower jaw is moved for
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affected only very exceptionally and as a rule the influence of
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iiecessarv. oi intuhatioii tuhes when st rictines have formed. In rare instances
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encephalitis. There are borderline cases of meningo
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health and only accelerated by the active oxygen. I
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inhabitants of the Roman Campagna leave the plain for
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tication and avoidance if possible of violent muscular effort directly
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ticular nerves affected are those which are distributed close to the capil
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lous Disease. Peter Paterson makes a prelimmary re
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last institution she was dismissed apparently cured
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is that in tlie present state of medical science doctors may reasonably
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in some cases be closed by a few catgut sutures comprising the fibres
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the dose is not too large proceeds till the orginal out
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matter its food supplies. Tinned meat is tabooed and the
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tion. Should the root of a deciduous tooth prove to be
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about four fingers long the matrix was completely empty. On
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tion of the bladder in retroversion appear to me to arise
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I hazarded the tentative diagnosis of exophthalmic goitre
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human tuberculosis can not be communicated to cattle is opposed
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by a stipulation that it shall be under the control of
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the bacteria penetrate into the intestinal wall and later also into the
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to the ftimuli of external objei s in the fame man
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was twice president tlie second in to practitioners when he
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Tandy Allen Healdsburg Bellevue Hospital Medical Col

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