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tients, and immediately began ihe erenion of such a place


which has been transported long distances in the hot sun, is


nucleus of hardened lead. Calibre, 7-6 millimetres (0-3

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conditions for extricating itself from invagination or volvulus, or

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Each one of these drugs, if it relieves one malady, certainly

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ordinary surgery as the bony lesions of the diaphyses. A

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"Transactions of the New York State Medical Society," and the

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New York City, and many of his ideas were adopted and incor-

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tetanus in frogs. The same observer has noticed it repeatedly

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largely gynaecological and in difficulties of the pelvic

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p. 505; " Rhinophyma, " conjointly with Ernest Wende, M.D., Buf-

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of us that we were not allowed the privilege of saving so noble a

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Surgeon; he is also the examining physician for the Ladies' Cath-

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a decided aversion to this addition to their numbers.

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in this country in 184S, and, as a physician of the homoe-

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the peritoneum. The advantages of the operation over

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department. As New York City sanitary inspector, Dr. White as-

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tration of the sheaths ; wounds of the vessels and of the

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there must be a stage of effect, before paralysis sets in, and

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hunger with the headache, and of its aggravation after eating.)

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rate the superficial aponeurosis without wounding the skin. The

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Localized pain brought about by pressure is an excellent

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over in the tissues and drive forward " foreign " bodies,

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for homceopathists, the record of the successful management,

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descends into the left iliac fossa and into the true pelvis.

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the recurrence of headache from toil or mental excitement.

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having entered into private practice immediately after the

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