Grifulvin Pet

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expulsion, under which title are comprehended all those cases where
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air applications. Miss K., January 5, 1898, had had occa-
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zymotic diseases. As yet, however, nothing was capa-
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In most cases we can cure a coryza with this agent in fourteen hours. But it is
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amounting practically at the time we saw him to complete
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Quinia should be administered in full doses ; for a child (three to five
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taken mercury, iodide of potassium, but had had no anti-syphilitic
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Pain, therefore, is one of the commonest sym])toms and may he the
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Pilocarpine AS A Prophylactic. — C. Sziklai ( Wien. mcd. Prcssc, 1895,)
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This iiact in pathology, which may be verified in almost every case of
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tracting readily both directly and consentaneously. The
grifulvin pet

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