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edge no obligation to rez'ieiv them all. Nevertheless, so

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three years before present attack. First menstruated at

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twenty-eight. Pneumonia twice. Typhoid and malaria.

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was they after all who pointed out the value of qui-

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extremities ; •one, of some size, at the anus, and another

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strikingly illustrated ; there is a hint that insurance

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Campbell. — In New Germantown, Pennsylvania, on Tues-

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isms isolated from milk there is shown to be at first

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case was treated with a bland diet consisting essentially of

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of the mass cast upon the land so lonq: ago, and des-

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The latter often proves successful. The early employment of mercurial

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previously. Oliver and Schafer, as the result of their experiments,

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hardly admitted a finger and upon which deep ulcerations

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cluding the circulatory and respiratory centres, is

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parts apart with sharp retractors all the bones of the foot may be readily

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Behind the Veil of This Life There is a Mystery Which He

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stances of the nurses in attendance ; these pre-existing cases having the

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ery aseptic precaution would be indicated. When the

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that infantile paralysis is an infectious disease and

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