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Alkaline citrates and similar salts are often called for by the general
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est reprobation, as though he were charging her with some
When admitted to University College Hospital, in February 1886, the right
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Recently, under the name craw - craw, Emily describes a papulo-
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communities and form compact nests, which they change at each skin-
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patients to sanity ; and, proceeding on the experience thus gained, Dr.
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Some cases do well with glycerine of tannic acid. If there are no thick
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in two cases in which other methods of treatment failed, succeeded with
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upon the vascular and nervous tissues of the cerebrum are far-reaching
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this is generally resorted to when the patient is wealthy, his insanity is
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impressed by the formation of plates common to both, for Hebra in his
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epidemics of religious ecstasy which, during the Middle Ages, swept
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disease usually attacking the dorsal surface, rarely the palmar. It may
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These are Circular insanity, and Katatonia (p. 384).
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diet, abundant exercise in the open air, abstinence from alcohol ; in the
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cutaneous affection is always secondary to gastric or peritoneal cancer ;
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worthy. In old-standing cases the panniculus adiposus wastes.
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the physicians who agreed with them than with the physi-
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in this part the tremor has more than once been known to begin.
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As a child I sweated much at night, and I believe the dream was
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tion of tactility ; the distribution of the anaesthesia differs according to
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(g) In making the folds be sure all creases pass through
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Treatment of Aene. — (1) Treatment of Comedones or Acne punctata. —
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'is already striking. With increasing age they extend with very various
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who have lived a long life without exhibiting, even to themselves, any
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Xanthoma multiplex is widespread and symmetrical in distribution.
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a more chronic process, such as pemphigus or dermatitis herpetiformis.
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of the bed. But I have thought in such cases that masturbation, con-
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Does hysteria ever cause death ? Strange as it may appear, we must
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lead to immunity from these effects. Thus, in one case, a patient under
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ceeded to dub it "French Venetian Polish," and, without
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adroit a gentleman achieved his ambition. The only wonder
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too much weight as special diagnostic features. It cannot be too
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the easier. The immediate gratification of the desire of collecting food is
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partly to take the form of keratinisation. The excretion is not
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Discussion soc. mid. des hdp. 1895-96. — 93. Dubreuilh, W. " Exanthemes, se>o-
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