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Edinger has drawn attention anew to the influence of overexertion

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fected with a public use. In defiance of this principle

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flammations in one or more parts of tlie body. With this general resemblance

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inference is legitimate that the careful study of a few well

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certain infected foci to which it has been introduced in the first instance

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internal cysts exhibit under pressure of forming one large sac. There is

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tolic murmur at the right of the sternum in the second and

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but that it is a mixture of varieties in the biological sense

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Martin Cleveland met with physicians of the county at

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consistence the liver generally presents yellowish white streaks and dots

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hospitals in London on physicians certificates who were

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in which case if it is reduced the ferment or body causing such

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Sir In tlie Journal of April st I noted a report of prenatal

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guished from other flagellate parasites which have been described under

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Case XL A gentleuian cet. was struck on the left ear

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ed. The patient seated in a proper light the head held steady and

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hypertrophy is found at a very early period of the kidney affection when

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sule of the kidiu v becomes greatly thickened. The cysts generally con

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be boiled the hay on the other hand had better not be

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rotated unless indeed the fracture be impacted. The two accidents

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Tumeurs Fongeuses de la Dure Mere in Mt m. de TAcad.

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than radioscopy but its negative results crease the steadiness of operation of a

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with the openings well covered with a pad of oakum and a

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are to be repeated and about talented faculty for potential use in future

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on either side of the wound. The strings were tied to ad

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eases but as Dr. Cullen set out with the intention of assembling

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influx of blood either by reason of great volume of blood

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septique. The latter frequently grows in long chains on the surface

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case the subacromial portion is very much enlarged complete

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vals of two to four weeks may be required Epilepsy.

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