Duricef For Sinus Infection

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ditions and questions. He was intense and incisive,
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a member of board for the purpose of studying trop-
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accurately determined. With dried blood in solution, the reaction, to
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erning the proper opening of the pylorus, atony, of
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Pathology. There is no proof that any lesion exists in the brain or
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but irom his description we fail to see how he can apply the term as he
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'Includes forty cases of fatal tuberculosis in infants, four cases
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to the bactericidal reaction of the typhoid serum."
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The Medical Society of the County of Otsego, N. Y.,
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tiplies with such rapidity as to crowd out wholly the more delicate organisms
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is mixed with 25 c.c. of sterile water. In the bac-
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appendix was recognized in the wound and removed, but in which,
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culosis include many interesting details too lengthy to quote, but the most
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Riclictts. T. F. — The Diagnosis of Smallpox. Illustrated
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to remain longest in the hospital ; next came those internally examined, but
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so offensive to oversensitive physicians, who might dislike to be told that
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and hard. Below, the dentist had left the four incisors;
duricef for sinus infection
and before any marked discharge has set in ; 2, the

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