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Mr. G. A. Wright read a paper entitled "Notes on Abdo-
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of the two populations, that the explanation was to be found
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(T) Dr. W. Thorburn, Manchester; Mr. L. Tebett, Norwich ; Dr. J. A.
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circulation might be still alive in it, and its attachments
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In Plymoutli last year, of .38 cases of sraall-pox, not one occurred "in
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ciation for the year ls92. The Association, which is now in the fourteenth
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whose voice with regard to it had not for many years found
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for there was complaint of headache and refusal of food, and
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is acyclovir generic
Poisoning, an Incompatible Mixture, ' in which he dealt with tlie cause
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and extending downwards and backwards into the true pelvis,
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THE CHEST AND THRO.\T, Bowdon, Cheshire.— Reiirtent Medical
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Dr. Cameron : What do you classify as uncertified deaths ?
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existed. We are all accustomed to the man who believes in
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protasis and apodosis, beginning respectively with Ar and Pu,
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interest in a new hospital for Falmouth by subscribing £1,000,
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must be regarded as contagious and also inoculable, yet the
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man, and known under the name of acute bulbar paralysis.
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man, and known under the name of acute bulbar paralysis.
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cient service he could render was to seek the aid of one of my
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Kilroy, L., L.R.C.P.Lond. Worth, C. A., L.R.C.P.Lond.
zovirax cold sores reviews
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It is unpleasant to have to take to task those who taught
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While on the subject of differentiating symptoms, I
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Haflkine's anticholeraic inoculations. In the able hands of
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In this case it must have been there early. The temperature
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off may be the point which we may reasonably regard as that
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Professor Gimeno Cabanas (for the University of Valencia);
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than the multiplicity of function ; and we must not hesitate
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some legal points which the judge has reserved. It appeared
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degenerate and are cast oif; some of which pass by gravita-
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tically until we hit oS' the opening. This will at least nearly
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tion and those of labour has been carefully worked out. If
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cases of societies doing a similar class of business the cost of manage
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largely attended. The deceased was twice married, and leaves
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which the introducer of the instrument should bear is not
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secretion within it. At the patient's request, and on this
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regions of the intestinal tract. Moreover, there are certain
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Bersted, Sussex, and Mrs. Sparkes, Berstedcroft, Willesborough.

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