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This is one of the most frequently occurring inflammations of Joints ;

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disease in its histology by the absence of inflammatory changes

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except that an uncle had had some nervous disease. When the

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Fourteen years bad in England, 10 in Australia ; asthma every

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had formally given him an account thereof, and encourages

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and Special. By Lewis S. Pilcher, A.M., M.D., Member of the New

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however, declined the honor, and finally (in 1315) rewarded

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residents of the camp were required to sleep always beneaih mosquito

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dea nella ciira delle fratture. Gior. med. d. r. esercito [etc.],

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sellsch. d. Wisaensch. u. d. Georg-Aug.-Univ., Getting.,

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mechanical theory was unsatisfactory and inadequate, but Dr. Blacker was

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Money to finance the rehabilitation of persons receiving

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The new medicine, Hydrate of Chloral, promises to be a

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21 . Diokno AC, Brown MB, Brock MB, et al: Clinical and cystometric

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of the pain varies from a steady ache to a paroxysmal, cramp-like or

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region was tender to percussion, the tenderness extending

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that the teeth do not touch within one-sixteenth of

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Also be sure that the patient drinks and passes a large quantity of

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Inns lies Ervsipela niit Vaselin. 'J'ljcivip. Monatsh. Beil.

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thighs, 12; hips, 10; sacrum, 5; simulating sciatica, 5; knees, 4; and legs, 4.

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found it about the same. I then began the process of inflation,

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The left iliac vein was of normal size, the right was narrow, and its

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mother of nineteen (consecutive) children ; has always been well until

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fatty dep^eneration, giving rise thereby to extravasations, softening, dilata-

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the wound. By care in asepsis and aseptic technic one is able to expose

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Diagnosis of Throat H«inoptysis ^M New Form of Actnal Cautery ... 60

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secreted. Barney^® reports a clinical case in which both ureters were

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