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appointed, in anticipation of promotion, to tlie Administrative IMedicaJ
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May llth, is backed by Mr. Asquith and Mr. Henry Fowler.
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liable information as to the sanitary condition and healthfulness of
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should be sent out forthwith, asking the members kindly to
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lanolin, and that it has fixed the proper degree of purity.
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Cbildreu). VonDr.jH. Gdttmann. (Berlin : S. Karger. Second
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been on tlie home roster seven months or more at the present time.—
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give advice gratis throughout the length and breadth of th&
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the degree of M.D. In 18.^5 a resolution was adopted by the College In ■
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cause their relatives had been attacked by smal!-po.\ should recei\'e :^.5s.
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Riiiiiy, William C, M.B., Ch.B.Vict., appointed Medical Officer for the
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this cedema interfered with the formation of a correct esti-
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University College, Liverpool : W. A. Ferguson. Owens College,
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iron is made up for from the food, it appeared to me that the
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the hospital he acted as assistant to the late Dr. Sinclair, of
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P. Reardon. J. M- Murphy. K. F. de Jung, L. R. Steele, J. L. Pinchin,
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position. The medical certificates stated her to be very ex-
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in the Deltaic provinces." Under the old system water was poured in
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pointed to investigate this subject, and thought it was quite
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influence ; that I have succeeded in this to a higher degree-
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Mr. Berry estimated that the loss of accurate appreciation of
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homojopaths is nothing but common water. The most care-
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important series than the twenty-lour cases commented on by
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a man, aged 56, was admitted into the infirmary sufi'ering from
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grene of part of its walls, is found without any obvious ex-
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carefully dealt with and extinguished under the efhcient control of Dr.
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vivalship in this case is all the more remarkable, seeing that
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President delivered a short address explaining the objects of the Society,
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frequently no indication of distension externally, but even at
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Monday, April 17th, and terminate on Friday, April L'8th.
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The only other matter which we shall note in Mr. Burdett's
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to be a large percentage— for instance, to a surgeon like Syme
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Lloyd. M.B., Birmingham; Mr. R. R. Leeper, Eathdrum ; Mr. C. H.
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evidence were forthcoming the unqualified person in question might be
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