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or a dessert-spoonful of mustard may be given in a tumblerful of warm
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may be accidental, or it may be intentional. Accidentally, copper finds its
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usually resist infection, and intravenous injection even of large quantities of the
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Ifame9 and residence of persona entUled l# Ihe work. — Milo Ja. Noftk,
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to justify the diagnosis. But there seems no reason to require for a relapse
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ing, scarcely ever leaving him for more than two or four hours at a
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even the sixteenth day. In these instances there were remissions in the
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A very large proportion of the Highlanders were from the remote islands,
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practitioners Tvery few, 1 believe), in this branch of surgery, have re-
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the reflection of the small vessels ; and, universa
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In 1824, on the establishment of Jefferson Medical College, Dr. E.
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along the line of the external iliac artery, as far as its origin ; oa
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tb undergo decomposition ; from this results the separation of the sitlpJisir
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call any apparatus entitled to the name of a fenioral truss (the invention
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comes in their way. He discusses learnedly every subject. He is
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The climate is more sedative than that of the Eiviera, and therefore
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acter, fees, exemption from charges, and, lastly, a fee table, are sepa-
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held in solution. A perceptible taste of this metal is a peculiarity of
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By the last papers, the announcenoent is made of Dr. David M. Reese,
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Schlesinger. Die Syringomyelie, 1902. Schlesinger's work contains a very complete bibliography.
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mentioned, and had been treated by him, also by various experts, but
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treatment. Two of these patients labored under severe disease, one
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etc. Major Cooper Key, H.M. Inspector of Explosives, states that in ten
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The methodical treatment of syphilis begins as soon as the disease
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Dr. Vkek^ of Salem, was the operator.— The number of deaths it Jiew
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stroking, or vibration should move from side to side, and be regulated by. the
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debted for its reputation and usefulnesa— one who, in the discharge of
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part of the surgeon and the patient. It is a waste of time and money to
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volume— being the third medical journal, as to age, in the United States.
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eyes — ^the Nigrivae with a single eye in the forehead ; and the Cynamol-

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