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as to tetanus, bacilli, or you may have tetanus following your

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exceedingly useful. Several cases referred to me by genito-urinary

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ment provided amply for their wants in all respects, and

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minoids any higher than one would expect from a sample of

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of the Neptune girdle, which is applied in certain conditions mentioned

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opportunely in just such cases, for almost any parent is willing

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ducting this, and there was still an excess of food. The food

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tensive observations are opposed to those of Bouchut and Dulinsay, who

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Pain in the course of a nerve has received the appellation neuralgia

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potent factor in the therapeutic effects to be expected from the applica-

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of nux vomica and syrup of hydriodic acid, are indicated.

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ral and such remedies are far better. Upset the digestion,

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Hydrotlierapy. — In meeting high temperature, marked nervous symp-

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secondary infection. It may also be observed after broncho-pneumonia.

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from the operation live before a return of the original trouble.

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then 3 years old, being one of the first attacked in ^fadrid. Tiie

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book of my student days* says : " In treating pernicious fever, some

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which have been noted by Corsa in his >vork on Nuts and

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delphia, who opposed it bitterly, claiming that labor was a

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In this way fistulous channels may be produced beneath the mucosa and

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rence. They usually assume the local or circumscribed form of peri-

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longed I'hosphaturia and oxaliuia, which does not as a rule resjiond

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pathological factor in man. He claims to be able to produce

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of chronic valvular disease often disappear with the development of

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however, either suddenly or more gradually, strychnin should be exhibited

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Health statistics it ranks next to phthisis in fatality. The chief reason

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be present, than upon the degree and extent of the ulcers. When,

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without some shock, that the more intensely the latter can be borne the

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of the faeces was also reduced below the normal. The weight was in-

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all her pumps choked with grain from the cargo, and nearly

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other organs would remove all doubt. These two affections may coexist.

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