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regularly, and abundantly, having become, so to speak, acclimatised to the

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couraging results have followed the combination of these measures with

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visit of each post-graduate student both pleasant and of real value.

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a restricted and spare diet, has undoubtedly led to the development of

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lacerations, the outlook is extremely doubtful, although recovery is

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post-mortem. In other cases the usual acute symptoms of pericarditis are


it twenty-four hours before the eruption ; the moft

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the former a correct appreciation cannot be formed of the changes which

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der given two days together. Care muft therefore be

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there is great wasting and when the urine gives a marked reaction with

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liorfes is the fame, and in each of thofe countries

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Sooner or later the constipation becomes absolute, the abdomen becomes dis-

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both her prefent and her future foal to nourifh, her

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attention paid to electromagnetism and the application of the latter in various

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normal liver dulness by an area of tympanitic resonance ; and the signs of

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induces vomiting ; but during the rest of the day, or the next few days,

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(picst that they be given special recognition. This, he points ont.

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its true nature is suspected. Serum diagnosis should be employed in all

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cancerous growths. The cat is more frequently affected with spontaneous

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The recognition of this as a pressure pouch is by observing that it is larger

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of red blood corpuscles and the amount of haemoglobin they contain.

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It is undesirable to keep the protein intake below at least SO

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The method and technique described by Dr. Stewart were followed

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time to time. As the alkaloid is eliminated by the kidneys, it is well to

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of them a feeling of intense depression, a slow pulse, and constipation, are

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this difeafe; which in all probability proceeds from

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proper perfoniiance of its function. I liad apjiendicitis in ISSl,

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auditory hallucinations of which he is the unhappy victim. Flushed in the

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sudden, but not necessarily forcible, and that the patient should keep his

himalaya ayurslim capsules 60 capsules price india

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has also been successfully cultivated on potato and other vegetable media.

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neglect, alcoholism, influenza, and other acute affections, syphilis, and ex-

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cal treatment and is in other respects carrying out such directions,

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some ]X)rtions of this article. Is it not true that a lack of synu-

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capillaries intermittently, to an extreme degree, reduces their usefulness,

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Dr. G. W. Ross, Toronto ; Professor C. L. Starr, University of Toronto.

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temperature" within the "comfort zone" of the American investigators.

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