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On May th. eight months alter receipt of injury assisted

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tion of this element or factor of hypertonus in sclerosed

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the loving veneration the almost worship with which he

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mended in the text books. On finding out however that a mistake

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removed were stained of a black colour but on exposure to

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wobei die Entfernung des Koordinatenanfangs von der Ebene P be

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ant subject has lead me to write this paper and not until

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tection cards from this vessel bearing Surgeon Deutes name. According to other

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out warning the patient experiences a warm saltish taste as the mouth

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wards and to the left by the growth. The tumour seemed to

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business. There was a moderate amount of cardiac hypertrophy.

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small nutmeg and on a section being made of it gt these

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Sydenham are now in Difufe and as the Puhis de Gutteta is alfo

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not been for the discretion of Mr. John Thomas Lane of

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with the iniuries of the cornea or sclera and require no

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regret to sa r that the interest in this matter is much

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sneezing obstruction and the discharge of a limpid fluid

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two conditions. The causes of disease with some few exceptions

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In the experiments conducted by the author on the Experi

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the writer has found that the fingers serve practically every purpose in the

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times sufficient thus of twelve inoculated with one twentieth

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patient a specular examination which she with some reluctance

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who found eighteen of them infected with the plague. On the

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thus the muscle cell group which displays the power of

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