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^ Das Verhalten der Figenwarme in Krankheiten, p. 858.
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tural causes, were less intrurive, dangerous, and mysterious in the other. Thus in
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such as inflammation of the stomach and bowels and hyperasmia of the kidneys, preponderate.
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the nose is a vulcanite support for a wire running up
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this occasion because of the large size of the stone, and because
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water in a double boiler put one cup of genuine unprepared
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medical profession of the United States to institute a Na-
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phatic. Then the mass of inflammatory cells organised into
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Patient menstruated last about the middle of April, 1887; peritonitic
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l^ltihttlrliihia Mfifirul Joiinidl, Dr. Koelu-r, in his
on the theory that antipneumococcus serum possesses the property
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Mirely, in both cases above cited, the vessels of the skin were favored
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used at first every night, and then for two or three nights a week.
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such a patient. The liook is temperate in its advocacy
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The sarcomata present types of tissue such as are constantly met with
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be obtained. We have also to take into account the risk of the
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case of adhesions, he gradually stretched them, and in illustration
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•prolonged thrombus no longer bears any proportion to the original [autochtho-
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like most of the other microbial pathogens we have tried to
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treated and profusely and beautifully illustrated. It has afforded
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ished that the clinicians did not find evidence of paren-
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The writer of this paper has a letter before him from the
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geal and bronchial irritation." In regard to the chem-
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"I trust your usual success attends you, and must still believe it does wait upon your
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of myomectomy. These all are recent triumphs of the surgeon's
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tunately situated than others look for some place where they may
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Birmingham 16.(i, Bradford 18.8, Cardiff 10.9, Gateshead 13.2,
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H. Macleod, M.A., M.D., M.R.C.P., Assistant in the Derma-
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strips should support the body evenly. A compress wrung out of cold water
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Epilepsy, — ^An epileptic horse should never be used
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those physicians who manifested this spirit, it may be said that
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neighbors, physicians, friends, employers, police, dispensaries,
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surface, but at the same time has concussed the bone with such
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sometimes colicky pains, and the liver is sometimes excessively active
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a rabid animal or " mad dog." The effect is not immediate like that
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The Marginal Ditch Ulcer; Marginal Ring Ulcer. — This begins as a
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the size of the uterus at the seventh or eighth month
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